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March 24, 2013 / jessicamcelroy

Running Buddy Saves the Day!

Just as I was sitting down to write a blog post about pre-race anxiety, something terrible happened that made my pre-race jitters seem totally trivial.

At 4:30 today, I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to pick up my race packet at the expo for the half marathon tomorrow. I frantically searched for the e-mail about it, and my heart absolutely sunk when I saw that packet pickup was going to close at 5:00 pm.

The expo location is about a half an hour drive from where I am, and with only my bike there was no way I would get there in time. They don’t let you pick up your packet on race day, and if you don’t have a bib you can’t run.

My heart was pounding and I felt like I could throw up. This may sound melodramatic, but I have been looking forward to running my first half marathon in the Oakland Run Fest since I first heard about it several months before moving to the Bay Area. So much time and emotion has gone into preparing for and looking forward to this race.

I called my only friend with a car in the area, and he was too far away to be able to help. Then I started calling girls from my running club, and I got ahold of Emily. Now, Emily has graciously been letting me carpool with her to our group long runs on Sundays, which bounce around to different locations in the East Bay and are difficult to get to without a car. So, as if she hadn’t already been enough of a godsend by making it possible for me to train with a wonderful, supportive group of ladies, she came through for me AGAIN!

Emily had just left the race expo minutes before when I called her, and she was able to turn around and pick up my packet for me. In another stroke of good fortune, the race organizers didn’t give her a hard time like I thought they might, since they seemed to have a strict policy that proxies must have your authorization in writing. Emily lives pretty close to me, so I was able to just bike over to her house and pick it up from her. I couldn’t thank her enough for being such a lifesaver.

I cannot cannot cannot believe that for all my enthusiasm for this half marathon I almost completely ruined it for myself! I even knew about the need to pick up my packet at the race expo the day before, and I had planned out my day around it. Then somehow I found myself sitting at a cafe at 4:30, and the whole thing had completely slipped my mind.

Well, all’s well that ends well, and thank GOODNESS for awesome running buddies that have your back! Here’s to a fantastic race day tomorrow.

2013-03-23 21.36.28

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